Hello and welcome to my little cel gallery!

As you can see, I collect cels from various shows....I've always tried to stay focused on a single show but somehow that just never managed to happen. There's all sorts of awesome anime out there and lots of nice art from these series.

I suppose that the bulk of my collection is from the Tenchi Muyo series, more specifically, Tenchi Universe (or Tenchi TV 1 for those who prefer to call it that). I've always found the show to be very entertaining and like with many individuals, this was the show that really started my interest in anime. Yes, I am a Cartoon Network junkie and that's where I initially saw it. But I did get the full series so that I could see all aspects of it.

My favorite character, if you couldn't already tell, is Nagi from Tenchi Universe. Cels of her are not the easiest to find, but I think the character is really cool and I'm up to the challange of finding new cels of her. In essence, Nagi cels are the centerpiece of my collection.

Anyhoo, please stay a while and have a look around. Let me know what you think of some the goodies that I've acquired in my hobby.


News & Updates

7/31/2006Hey! As usual, it's been about a year since the last time I have added anything. This time it's a cel of Funaho from the Tenchi Muyo OVA. Very nice cel, I bought this one on ebay from goukanomegami.
7/23/2005Wow. It has been a very long time since I last updated. The reason why is because cels are fairly pricey. It is because they are kind of expensive that I have become more picky about the cels that I get. I've added a new nagi to the gallery and she is absolutely awesome. She was bought off of ebay from kaminari, so she hasn't left rubberslug ... she's just been relocated. ^.~
6/17/2003Alright! Today's my birthday! hehe. ^.^
5/31/2003Hey Everybody, Well today erika created a new button for my gallery listing. I had been putting button place holders up for the past few weeks to make it look sort of decent. My first button was a bit too large and had to be removed as requested by rubberslug due to the fact that it would be quite an endeavor for a standard dial-up modem to take on. But uh, I am a standard dial-up modem....hehe. No matter, erika worked very hard on this one for me and still animated it but made it to where it takes up hardly any space so....this should be cool. Hope I get to keep this one, it's really nice. Well, going to be adding some new ones in a couple of days here so....keep checking in. ^.^

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Dual Parallel 5/10/2003
Fushigi Yugi 5/11/2003
Jubei Chan 5/11/2003
Pia Carrot 8/26/2003
Pretty Sammy 5/11/2003
Tenchi In Tokyo 5/10/2003
Tenchi Movies 5/31/2003
Tenchi Muyo 7/31/2006
Tenchi Universe 5/12/2003
Tenchi Universe - Nagi 7/23/2005

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